L-3 Communications
Electronic Module Test and Repair

L3 Unidyne has supported the Navy’s Gold Disk development program for over 16 years. We provide:

• Gold Disk developers
• Microminiature repair technicians
• Logisticians
• Computer programmers
• Design engineers
• CAD operators
• Fiber optic technicians

Our facilities include:

• An electronic module testing facility
• Microminiature repair facilities
• Gold disk production facilities

The services performed include development of diagnostic test routine software (Gold/Silver Disks) and associated logistic products for equipment and systems containing electronic Circuit Card Assemblies, (CCAs), Electronic Modules (EMs), and/or Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) installed in:

• Military shore-based facilities
• U.S. Navy ships
• Submarines and/or aircraft
• U.S. Coast Guard ships and aircraft
• U.S. Air Force equipment
• U.S. Marine Corps and Marine aviation equipment
• U.S. Army equipment
• Military equipment for countries with Foreign Military Sales (FMS) agreements with the United States