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Automatic Identification Systems | L-3 PROTECâ„¢-MA / Secure Airborne Automatic Identification System

The L-3 PROTECâ„¢-MA Airborne Automatic Identification System (AIS) transponder provides maritime patrol and Search and Rescue (SAR) aircraft with the ability to track and identify AIS-equipped vessels over a dedicated VHF data link. AIS is a key component of any maritime ISR network and offers maritime authorities with the ability to better coordinate air and sea search and rescue, surveillance and interdiction operations.

The PROTEC-MA is fully compliant with the STEDS-EAIS protocol standard adopted by the U.S. DoD and DHS and offers an FIPS-approved encryption method for secure position reporting and messaging. The PROTEC-MA is a fully-compliant AIS transceiver and has been designed in accordance with DO-160E environmental test standards.