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With 80 locations in 20 countries, L3 M&PS has the people, resources and technology you need, where and when you need it.

For more than 100 years, L3 M&PS has delivered smart solutions tour maritime customers, earning a reputation as a trusted leader in military, commercial and offshore markets around the world.

Only L3 M&PS has the proven experience to adapt our commercial marine technology to meet our customer's ruggedized requirements, combining innovation and affordability.

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Hydrographic Systems and Solutions | Customized Vector Nautical Charts (CVNC)

Customised Vector Nautical Charts (CVNC) are a specialised product primarily for vessel simulation and as an aid to navigation for approaches to Ports and vessel berthing. As aids to navigation CVNC contain very large scale vector data sets which provide the mariner with greater levels of accuracy, high fidelity and information which is specific to high precision piloting and berthing. All infrastructure relevant to the berthing of vessels, including berthing facilities, navigational aids, landmarks and all infrastructure associated with berthing facilities (buildings, roads, railways, conveyors etc.) can be shown.

Small to medium scale CVNC are suitable for Vessel Traffic Systems (VTS), Coastal VTS and Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT). CVNC may contain specific routing information, maritime boundaries, radar and AIS coverage boundaries, military boundaries and ranges, spoil dumping grounds, fisheries limits, oil/gas/mineral exploration boundaries etc, and are ideal for applications such as Customs and Border Patrol.

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