L-3 Communications

600V Class Dry-Type Distribution Transformers - 9kVA to 750kVA
L3 Power Magnetics offers a range of dry-type distribution transformers, including: single and three phase general purpose transformers; non-linear (K-factor) transformers; energy efficient (TP1) transformers; low temperature rise transformers; low-voltage lighting transformers; encapsulated transformers; three-phase drive isolation and autotransformers. L3 Power Magnetics transformers are available in typical ratings and standard voltages, as well as in custom ratings and voltages.

Reactor Products - Custom Designed
L3 Power Magnetics' reactor products include three-phase line reactors, three-phase DV/DT filters and a wide range of custom and specialty reactors. Power Magnetics will custom design and hand-built reactors for your specific applications.

Clean Power Products
L3 Power Magnetics offers a wide range of voltage regulators, line voltage conditioners, single-phase and three-phase super isolation transformers and harmonic mitigating transformers.

Dry-Type Power Transformers
L3 Power Magnetics produces dry-type power transformers that perform in various environmental conditions and are built to meet the most rugged standards, including Military Specifications. In addition to conventional indoor applications, our dry units are deployed outdoors on drilling platforms, in network vaults and in locations where airborne contaminants could pose a risk to electrical equipment.

Motor Starting Autotransformers - 25 HP to 1,600 HP
L3 Power Magnetics' motor-starting autotransformers are designed for medium duty service and are manufactured in accordance with NEMA standards. Power Magnetics offers three-phase units in two- and three-coil styles available in various ratings.

Custom Built Transformer Products
L3 Power Magnetics' broad range of custom/specialty transformers includes instrument transformers, constant voltage transformers, air and iron core reactors, dry-type station service transformers, low-profile isolation transformers, rectifier transformers, exciter transformers, traction duty magnetics, mining duty transformers, low-profile, vault-style mining transformers, transformers to Military Specifications and much more. Power Magnetics' products meet the most demanding applications and extreme environments.

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