L-3 Communications
Executive Summary

L3 Power Magnetics' technical expertise is the result of its long history in power technology. Originally Crittenden Transformers, Power Magnetics became well known as a part of Teledyne in 1960, and in 1994 became a business unit of L3 Power Paragon, Inc., a world leader in power system technology. In 1997, Power Paragon, Inc., joined L3 Marine & Power Systems, a full-line provider of ruggedized, reliable and cost-effective electrical power systems and services for military and commercial applications.

L3 Power Magnetics’ product base offers customers the broadest range of both standard and special transformer and reactor products available anywhere. These include dry-type distribution transformers, line reactors, the largest dry-type power transformers available and many others.

On the manufacturing floor, full-featured advanced manufacturing equipment and processes are used for hand-built production of a full range of standard and custom dry-type distribution transformers and reactors, including multi-pulse rectifier transformer, and drive and excitation transformers. Our employees produce the highest quality products with the shortest lead times possible with low overhead due to just-in-time supply chain standards.

Our goal is simple: to supply the highest quality transformers to customers worldwide. Our focus is on quality, customer service and providing value to our customers. We accomplish this with the expertise of our dedicated employees, ensuring that every product reflects the level of quality and workmanship our worldwide customers have come to expect from L3 Power Magnetics.