L-3 Communications
Dry-Type Power Transformers

Medium-Voltage Transformers 15 kV Class - single-phase ratings 15 kVA to 333 kVA; three-phase ratings 15 kVA to 22 MA
L3 Power Magnetics' medium-voltage transformers are used for stepping down higher voltage incoming power to provide appropriate voltages for commercial, institutional or industrial applications. Enclosed ventilated units are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. Single phase units have ratings from 15 kVA to 333 kVA and three phase units have ratings from 15 kVA to 22 MVA.


Standard Power Transformers - 500 kVA 1.2 kV class to 7500 kVA 15 kV class
L3 Power Magnetics' power transformers are suitable for any commercial, industrial, manufacturing or production application. Power transformers can be installed at both indoor and/or outdoor in locations where airborne contaminants pose a risk to electrical equipment. Power Magnetics' power transformers are available in ratings from 500 kVA, 1.2 kV class up to 7500 kVA, 15 kV class.


Custom/Specialty Power Transformers
L3 Power Magnetics can design and build customized products to fit your specifications for any application.