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L3 Power Magnetics is perhaps best known for its "deep" manufacturing expertise in all aspects of magnetics technology. As a world leader in nonlinear loading transformers, L3 Power Magnetics has an unmatched reputation for quickly meeting complex power-technology assignments and fulfilling even the most difficult delivery schedules.

Manufacturing Capabilities

L3 Power Magnetics can manufacture Power Distribution Transformers from 0.1 kVA to 8,000 kVA in quantities from one to several hundred. Enclosed-construction models are available in encapsulated, explosion proof or any NEMA-grade enclosure.
Every product developed and manufactured by Power Magnetics meets stringent quality standards and has the following features:

  • Electrostatic shielding - L3 Power Magnetics transformers are designed to overcome all common-mode noise problems from 55 dB to 120 dB. Units are single-, double- or even triple-shielded, based upon the requirements of the application.
  • Temperature rise - All standard temperature-rise ratings are available on L3 Power Magnetics transformers, including 80 °C, 115 °C and 150 °C. Any other temperature rise can be requested.
  • Insulation - Only the highest-quality insulation is used on L3 Power Magnetics products. Insulation systems are UL-recognized and CSA-certified.

For all branches of the military, our QPL transformers meet either MIL-T-15108C or MIL-T-17221B standards offering both "Crittenden-type" and "Jefferson-type." L3 Power Magnetics is the most qualified transformer manufacturer in the world to meet the wide range of special requirements unique to military standards, including shock, low noise, size and weight, special voltages and impedances and MIL-T-27 applications.

Commercial Marine ABS/USCG-approved transformers suited for these unique applications developed over years of experience in both commercial and military magnetics manufacture have contributed to the development of L3 Power Magnetics' advanced line. These ultra reliable marine transformers are designed for the environmental demands of all types of commercial and pleasure ships, tankers, offshore oil rigs, dockside applications and other harsh marine environments.

The marine transformers are dry-type and range from 0.5 kVA to 500 kVA for single-phase requirements and 1 kVA to 5,000 kVA for three-phase requirements. Also available are three single-phase transformers banked in one common enclosure for three-phase applications. This allows for an open delta configuration if any phase fails. All standard voltages are available up to 15 kV.

Computer-grade phase-shift transformers are available in 2 to 5-output configurations from L3 Power Magnetics. These transformers can reduce damaging harmonics overloads, even in a severe load imbalance (such as a 2-1 ratio) to less than a third of original harmonics. To protect sensitive equipment from high harmonic heat, L3 Power Magnetics’ K-factor transformers feature double-capacity neutral terminals and are available for any K-factor, including the UL-standard ratings of K4, K9, K13, K20, K30 and K50. All L3 Power Magnetics computer-grade transformers are copper-wound and UL/CSA listed.

Other Products
L3 Power Magnetics manufactures water-cooled transformers for applications that demand high power such as rectifiers, plating, welding and power distribution. The company also manufactures pulse width modulation (PWM) and rectifier transformers for all ANSI rectifier circuits.

Engineering/Design Capabilities

L3 Power Magnetics provides custom-engineered transformers for such applications as high current/low voltage, high voltage/low current, tight regulations, high efficiencies, small footprints and low weight.

Custom products designed by L3 Power Magnetics are available with natural convection, forced air or water cooling, and include:

  • Air-core and iron-core reactors
  • Interphase transformers
  • Ferroresonant transformers
  • Swinging chokes
  • Saturable reactors
  • Audio-frequency power transformers
  • Explosion-proof transformers

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