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Company Profile

From bridge to propeller, L3 combines the best in maritime products, services and integrated systems into seamless, cost-effective solutions for wide array of military, commercial and offshore markets. We provide maritime automation and control, navigation, communications, and power distribution and conditioning into seamless, cost-effective solutions. L3 is a cohesive, global partner with extensive worldwide capabilities and a proven track record in delivering the highest level of technology, service and integration.In underwater applications, we are a leading global supplier of acoustic undersea warfare systems and has an extensive experience that spans a wide range of platforms including helicopters, submarines and surface ships.

For over 100 years, we have engineered dependable, cost-effective marine and power solutions for the worlds' most challenging applications. Today, we have installations on over 400 warships for 18 navies around the globe. In fact, nearly every ship in the U.S. Navy uses components & systems from L3.

Committed to providing innovative solutions, L3 has an unmatched track-record successfully designing, manufacturing and integrating rugged and reliable products and services for a wide range of applications, including:

Automation and Simulation
Navigation and Communication
Safety, Security, Monitoring and Control Systems
Power Generation, Conversion and Distribution
Electric Propulsion Drive Systems
Waterside Security and Surveillance Systems
Underwater Ranges and Ocean Sciences
Automation and Control Systems
Anti-Submarine Warfare and Mine Warfare Systems